Digital-Business Transformation: What Does It Mean to You?

While digital transformation is an all-pervasive phrase these days, less than 50% of companies worldwide understand its true meaning. In this race of transition from "laggards" to "middle of the pack" to "leaders", it becomes pertinent to check what exactly is the meaning of digital-business transformation to know where you want to go and if you are on the right path to get there.

Be Proactive or Perish: The Transformation Tsunami Will Be Merciless on Laggards

When it comes to digital transformations, it’s the survival of the fittest. As transformations move from being a buzzword to a different level of competitive seriousness, around 45-50% of companies across every industry are reporting aggressive investments. Only the organizations or business functions which proactively set the pace will be ahead in the race.

Leading Digital Transformation with Data-Driven Insights: Thoughts for CEOs

What are the fundamental elements that go into transforming a company? Our studies, research and experience point to a few fundamental truths and action points for leaders that will help them advance digitalization efforts and transform their organizations to become more relevant, competitive and prosperous in the digital age.

Technology does not make Digital Transformations Effective - People Do!

Data shows that a majority of digital transformation initiatives do not produce the desired results since it’s approached from the lens of technology and not people. CHROs must influence CEOs and all leaders in companies to fundamentally understand that when digital transformations are powered by employees, they almost always guarantee success.

Three Ways Business and IT Leaders Drive Inside-Out Digital Transformation

An overwhelming majority of business and IT leaders still have a limited and siloed understanding of digital transformation. Our study says only 7% of business and IT leaders acknowledge the holistic approach of digital transformation. Explore 3 strategic ways leaders can drive inside-out digital transformation.

Business and IT Alignment: How Smart CIOs lead Digital Transformations

Amongst established companies, CIOs lead nearly 40% of digital transitions. However, our study shows that a majority of these transformations fail to produce material business impact due to a major disconnect between Business and IT. Here’s a 5-step playbook for CIOs to address the Business-IT disconnect.

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