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Crossing the Digital Faultline: 10 Rules of Highly Successful Leaders in Digitalization

Digitalization has become unavoidable if businesses hope to succeed. For more than two decades now, the Digital Faultline has fundamentally shifted the business landscape and the ways in which brands engage with their stakeholders at all levels. Today’s reality is that businesses need a plan for digital transformation if they have any hope of surviving in the modern business ecosystem. Unfortunately, less than 10-percent of companies get it right.

With Crossing the Digital Faultline, Trianz CEO, Sri Manchala shares a data-driven understanding of the “digital transformation game” along with the wisdom and insights gained from a lifetime of leadership experience in the military and the technology industry. Related in a conversational style accessible to even emerging technologists or leaders in any field, Sri is giving everyday businesses that aren’t currently in the tech space, the knowledge and strategies they need to carve out their own beachhead or simply protect their turf from encroaching tech giants that guard the gates of innovation.

“The good news for leaders in these companies,” Sri insists, “is that this second industrial revolution is still in its early stages. However, they must quickly calibrate their company’s position on industry-specific transformation trajectories and develop strategies to transform if they wish to survive, much less succeed.”

Once Sri presents the lay of the land and details the digital transformation challenges faced by leaders today, Sri’s work reimagines the modern digitalization leader, ascribing a new persona to articulate the kind of difference-making leadership missing from so many businesses today. Reaching the conclusion that no single factor is more important to digital transformation success or failure than leadership style, Sri finally reveals the Methodical Innovator persona.

If Crossing the Digital Faultline is Sri’s The Republic, the Methodical Innovator is his Philosopher King—that leader who embodies all the archetypal traits necessary to create a flourishing kingdom, or in this case a flourishing business in the Digital Age. A true Digital Champion, the Methodical Innovator is not the charismatic, personality-driven leader, but rather quiet, disciplined, and rigorous in their systematic approach and data-informed decision making. Importantly, while the charisma-types rely on their nature, the Methodical Innovator leadership style can be learned and adapted to the needs of the business by any leader willing to put in the work.

“The goal,” Sri says, “is to help leaders create a personalized framework for changing themselves and their teams to win the battles ahead.”